News from Nonna: March 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Everyone always has such neat and profound posts but I find myself in a household with only three dogs and myself for company. Not much meat for stimulation and conversation in that. No children, no spouse, no excitement, no pictures unless I try and "make" an opportunity. So that is what this post is, an opportunity. I took these pictures on Saturday and on Sunday it snowed! Gotta love Colorado....................................

THINK SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tickled Pink................

I found some amazing ribbon that has a little gathered, ruffled edge and I am a sucker for ruffles. The brown matches perfectly and then I accented them with a little "bling!"
Stay tuned more updates to follow as my project proceeds, with caution!!!!!! That means until Richard comes home and puts a stop to my creativity!

Today I decided I needed to do something for myself and so I started decorating the pink room for my little granddaughters when they are able to stay here alone......Until then I am having some fun. I saw this idea in a magazine and so I tried it and will keep you updated as the room progresses. I talked to Janae today and we were talking about how much we loved working in our homes, in fact all three of my girls are the same. So when I do something for myself, heaven forbid, a manicure, facial, new outfit, etc, I always choose to work in my home. I think I need counseling. (I think I needed that a long time ago!)

I free handed a ribbon design and then used my acrylics to paint it. I also added some embellishment to my light. I actually made them out of Christmas ornaments and then strung glass beads on it. Above the ribbon design I ragged the wall with white. Can you see it? I have great plans for above the bed, stay tuned.

Gracie's favorite place to lay. The sun is shining and she can bark at any and everything!

SO this is how the brownie wedding cakes are going to turn out. This was my first one so they will progressively get better. I need 34 boxes of brownie mix. 9 Dozen eggs, and 17 cups of oil............Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have my fingers in too many pots!

This is kind of a hodge podge of a post but just to let myself know that I haven't been wasting my time and actually have been working hard. (No sitting around eating bon bons for me, other things perhaps :) I have been working on Jacqui's candy table jars and I think they have turned out rather nice. They look better in person, but I have filled them up to make sure we have enough and everything is kosher. Next project is to make the brownies. Any help out there? I am going to be making 300-3" circles, 300-2" circles, and 300-1" circles. I am going to get them done next week and then pray for the freezing fairy to be kind to them. Any suggestions? Oh, to go along with the Baskins and Robbins ice cream, we are making little mini brownie wedding cakes with little pink flowers on the top sprinkled with powdered sugar. Keep your fingers crossed!

No Jacqui I didn't eat these, I had to take them out of little packages!!!! The Cotton Candy ones are the best :)

I thought I was rather clever to put a flower on the inside of the jar.

Sugarless gum at a candy bar. We have to at least try ............................

Salt Water Taffy, strawberry. Did you know so many candies came in pink?


MMMMMMM & MMMMMMMMM's especially ordered. I haven't broken out the gummi cherries. I dared not take the chance. Other things I can resist so rest easy Jacqui.
ON TO OTHER THINGS..........................
Last week I had one of my favorite families stop by to spend the night. I was so excited to see them. In Overland Park, they became my adopted family and I have watched their kids grow up to be amazing. LeAnne is so dear to me and we served in several YW callings together. Even though she is a lot younger, we are like sisters and she is just one of a kind. The kids call me Aunt Verlinda and Uncle Bishop. They were the ones that kept Joie once when I went out of town. Funny story....................I left Joie alone in the house and the kids took turns coming down to play and to check on her. When Trevor went one evening, he couldn't find her anywhere. So he had his dad Eric come down and they searched and searched. They eventually went and alerted our neighbors, who knew Joie well, and then the whole street was out looking for her. Panic mode started to set in. Eric ended up calling the police! They came and searched our house even the closets! I'm not going to think about it. Finally Eric found Joie asleep in my closet. I had gum in my purse, ( it was hanging on the back on the door handle) which Joie loved wrappers and all, and she had gotten into it and the door closed. She was sleeping peacefully while Eric was having a heart attack. All of the neighbors were telling Eric, oh my gosh, you know how much Verlinda loves that dog????????? Needless to say I didn't ask them to babysit again, Eric's heart wouldn't have stood it. So we are connected and I am grateful that they came and stayed the night and that we could have a little visit and I could get a little love, hugs and kisses, which I need. I was thinking about it the other day and this visit pushed our count of overnight visitors to over a whopping 100 different people. I feel loved...............and grateful.
ON TO OTHER THINGS...................

I had the neatest experience in the temple yesterday. It was a small session and someone came in right behind me and sat down. He said, VERLINDA! I turned around and it was my brothers best friend from high school. (My parents and Mike lived in Brighton for two years while Daddy worked on the pipeline stations there.) His mother happened to be with him also. I think she is now in her 80's. It brought back such great memories. His mother was the one who helped me get my temple clothes before I got married, and they came to my reception in Idaho Falls, and she sat at my book! Can you believe that? Rick reminded me that Richard and I had gone with him to get his endowments and I used to make sure that he and Mike ate at college.........They are coming to the reception and hopefully Mike and his family will be there. If they are both there, it will be a real party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know my brother always makes everyone laugh and have a good time, for him a blessing and a burden, but we can't bury our talents, right Mike?
ON TO THE GREATEST THINGS...................

Last but not least, here are a few more pictures of Creed with his Poppa. I can't wait until he knows how much his Nonna loves him. He actually lives by me, can you believe that? One out of Seven!

Dinner before Jaimie went into the hospital. Laurie was such a help! I told Jonathan and Jaimie that they would never be the same after this particular moment. Kids change your life!!!!

Well, back to eating bon-bons!!!!!! See you later!

For Easter I have been graciously invited over to Texie and Scott's. This is Jaimie's aunt who is stunning by the way, and so I am taking dessert. I am making Jaimie's favorite cake, Frozen Lemonade Cake, and just thought I would throw in a picture of Savannah Strawberry Shortcake also, that I made to take over to dinner last week. Wish I didn't like to cook! Well, I actually like to cook just wish it didn't go to my hips, and thighs, and stomach, and arms, and face, oh well.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've Been Labeled

One of my friends invited my to go to lunch and I was really excited. I don't get that often, you know conversation from a human! So I meet her at the Olive Garden and low and behold, it is an enrichment activity for the, pardon my language, "Old Farts!" They actually call it the empty nesters, but I call a spade a spade. I guess Relief Society is trying to meet everyones needs and we happen to be lumped into a group. When did this happen to me? When did I become old , cause in my mind I am no where near retirement. It was nice, I mean I didn't have to go home and have an old, cold, hot dog but all the same was it worth the label?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Look at all that hair! There was never a Jardine born that came this way. Usually bald and shiny. I think it is Jonathan's color without the weave.:)

He didn't make a sound. I guess he loved having his head rubbed. Must take after his Nonna.

Only time I heard him make a sound. He didn't like having his ears cleaned. He didn't even cry when he got his shots, but this was too much.

Still enjoying the head rub. :) Can you see that he has a fuzzy little back? He is actually fuzzy and I am sure that is after his Uncle Mike. My mom used to take Mike into the Dr. because she was worried. But look how he turned out?

I think he is going to be tall because he has to grow into his feet and toes!

I guess I am fascinated with his hair.
One ecstatic daddy. Jonathan is so happy . He is going to be one good daddy, but Jaimie is going to be an incredible mother. She was amazing yesterday. This family is blessed by having her.

He's ready to talk. Did I mention his hands look like Daddy's. I am not imagining. He is already taking after his namesake.

ADORABLE WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY......................................

He's here!!!!!!!! We are so excited and Jaimie was an absolute trooper. Jonathan even watched the whole thing and cut the cord............................I am just going to put a lot of pictures on and then I will edit this blog when I am not so tired. I am one happy NONNA! with news!!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Anxiously Awaiting

I just love blogging!!!!!!! It makes me feel like we all live right next door to each other and know exactly what is going on with our extended family. I love the pictures and so now must really learn how to use the camera and the computer and how to connect all of the cords and keep from blowing something up or loosing Richard's information! Scarey, but thank heavens for Jerianne. I keep her on speed dial.

Jaimie, Jonathan, Laurie, and I are going out to eat tonight. They will be dropping off Chief for me to babysit until Jaimie decides she wants him back. Three dogs is no sweat anymore, but I am sure I will die from a hairball! Then Jaimie checks into the hospital tonight and they start the Pitossin tomorrow morning. I am supposed to have my seventh grandchild, and third boy, by tomorrow evening. His name as of right now, is Creed Terrance Jardine, or Terrance Creed Jardine. I am having a ball watching Jonathan. He has asked Jacqui what the dads are supposed to do. He will stay up at Jaimie's head so as not to take the chance of fainting like his Papaw did! ( A little note for history. Remember my mom and dad were only barely 18 years old when I came into this world. My mom had gone to the hospital and my Grandmother Malone was a nurse. My dad was pacing the halls and I guess that a woman, not my mother, screamed and my dad thought it was my mother and he passed right out on the floor. Grandma called Uncle Bud to come and get Daddy and take him home. So he did. My dad got right back in the car and went back to the hospital. ) Jacqui says it is not time to have two patients so stay up top! This is really some kind of a milestone, it means my son is really grown up and it is almost surreal in a way. So, stay tuned and I will post pictures.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Age and or Stage?

Just finsihed a wreath for my front door that will go with the house all year round, when my theme wreaths are not up. Age? or Stage?

Just moved my furniture around from the hall to the dining room. Reminds me of my Grandmother Upchurch. I would help her move the furniture on a weekly basis. Sometimes it was in order to trick Uncle Gary when he would come in late at night in a rather happy and confused state! :)

Working on my hutch downstairs. I am still a Kansas girl at heart and sunflowers make me happy. Of course, there is seldom anyone who goes downstairs, so maybe my age is showing!

A touch of Colorado to make me try to fit in. Actually last summer on a bike trip in the mountains Richard and I did see a black bear. Wow! You gotta love Colorado!

Okay, so another reason why I have no time. I am once again a nurse. To Diva! Jacqui took her to get her teeth cleaned and they had to pull 10 of them. Thank heavens, you can actually stand to have her open her mouth. She smells like roses and is so easy to love. Another grandchild

Who wouldn't love this little darling? Oh, right, that would be Dave and his side of the family. Challenge #1 or...................

Another project that Janae and Jerianne and I worked on. These boxes are darling and are made with scrapbooking supplies. Never throw any of those old ribbons or bobbits away.

CONTINUING ON.................................................

I have just gotten my internet to work again after a whole week of being down. How in the world did we live without computers? Geez, we didn't even used to be able to call anyone except once a week if we were wealthy. What has happened? I know there have been blogs out there just burning the insides of my eyeballs to read. What is happening to Jenny, Megan, Tracie, all of my children, Richard, Sadie, Em and family etc........? How can I live like this in the modern age?

Sorting through clothes that Jonathan brought over from Texxie for our little girls. Aren't we lucky? I did the same thing when my girls were little. I bought clothes from a rich cousin in Oklahoma and Jerianne wore them, then Janae, Tara, Aubrey, Candace, Jacqui, and Brianne. I felt greatly blessed with hand me downs.

CONTINUING ON................................

The girls at bookclub were talking about when their children were gone and how they would have time for themselves. I of course chimed up and said, "Dream on!" I haven't had a minute to worry about myself in who knows how long. It seems like I have been running since before Thanksgiving and probably even before that, I can't remember (blessing or curse?)! Getting ready for Christmas and company, which I loved, then going to Idaho,( which I ......), then going to Kansas City and worrying about parents and grandparents, then coming home and taking care of wedding plans which I am in the full blown midst of. Then my newest grandson coming on Tuesday, then back to wedding plans. I have invitiations that must be out by Monday, company spending the night on Saturday and then again more company on the 12th, doctoring dogs, cleaning, preparing lessons for church. Now in between that all I thought it would be a cinch to exercise, but guess what I put on the backburner? Needless to say, I won't be the skinniest mother by far. Jacqui's new other mother is about a size 6!!!!!!!! Yuck, yuck, yuck, story of my life. Oh well, so thank heavens my kids are gone or I would just give up the ghost!

Jacqui's reception will be held at the Riverwalk. This is a view of the inside. I have been there several times and what I see in my head, I hope happens for real...........

Some vases for silverware, and a HUGE wedding cake plate which will actually be a very diminuitive brownie cake. We are serving little three tiered wedding cakes with Baskin and Robbins ice cream. Dave is extremely happy and Jonathan has called dibs on all of the Mint Chocolate Chip!

Preparations for the candy bar. Jacqui has ordered over $500.00 worth of candy! Ah what a dream. We have pink salt water taffy, pink bubblegum, pink M & M's, pink Mintos, gummy cherries, (my favorite and temptation) , pink candy sticks and so on. We now have to get the little bags and stickers. Is that on my list?

The little girls bouquets. There are eleven little girls under eight years of age. All of the older girls will just wear pink and black. Thank Heavens! So maybe you all might understand why it is taking me so long to be consistent with my blog. Please be patient. I love staying in touch and think our family is so much closer, just because we know what is happening in each other lives. Stay tuned and pray, for me, my age, and stage! Rock on!