News from Nonna: June 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Now you see it, now you don't!

Richard and I have been redoing our bedroom......Much to his displeasure, like what's wrong with the old stuff? Anyway, he is a perfectionist for those of you who don't know. Everything has to be done just so, his way or the highway, So I let him do a wonderful job, most of the time, and he does. We are painting our room a chocolate brown, (my favorite flavor, um, I mean color) and it looks so nice. I bought the bedding last year with my birthday money so that was already done. Well, we are getting down to the end of painting and I might add I did my fair share. He has gone back over everything with a fine tooth comb and I guess it will pass. We are cleaning up at the very end of the project. I am helping him move the ladder and as we pass by the full paint can, he( did I say he!) hits it with the leg of the ladder and it spills on our carpet at least half of the can. Brown, gooey, runny, beautiful paint on our beige carpet. I scream and he panics. (After all, if the dogs have a accident he freaks out, look what it will do to the carpet!) So I run downstairs and get spoons, spatulas, cups, pancake turners, anything I can find. We both start scooping and we wish by now that the dogs had been pooping :) We get as much put back in the can as possible and then run and get the wet/dry vac. He goes over it time and again, and then I pour pitcher after pitcher of water on it while he soaks it up. Then I go and get the carpet cleaning machine and he goes over and over it. Low and behold. It all comes out. I wouldn't have been so lucky if I had done it, I can guarantee. Now you see it now you don't. Lucky devil he is, I am just overwhelmingly grateful that it wasn't me!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

How Do You Spell Relief?

Flowers from my garden, aren't they beautiful? Now I know why my Grandmother Malone loved having pictures of her flowers.......
An adoring look from her husband?

Our waterfall in the back yard. It is so nice outside right now.Poppa hanging out with his favorites, just kidding, he doesn't like the dogs!

Now this is his favorite. Creed is really liking to visit the grandparents, we love it!

Speaking of muscles, Jaimie shows hers off..............................................

Now that's a muscle Jonathan. My granddaddy used to show his muscle and say, "Jump up on that baby and crow!"Creed wants to know if he is going to have to suffer with Poppa's sense of humor his whole life?

Don't you just want to eat him?

I spell it, Whew, my talk is over! Isn't it funny when you have to do a presentation of any kind your whole week is spent in anxiety? Richard and I got to talk on Father's Day but we were assigned a topic. Of course, knowing me I can turn any topic into a road I need to take :) So, I spoke about the faith of our fathers. I got the opportunity to go through many memories in my mind all week long. Although I don't have an LDS heritage, I think mine is pretty darn remarkable. Anyway, I am so blessed to come from the family line that I do. I have many heroes to look up to and with my new information from the NewFamilySearch, I can just envision those who came before me. Their blood runs in my veins. I wouldn't be what I am today (in a good way) without those who came before me. I am grateful and hope my children and grandchildren can say the same about me.
Papaw watching over his little ones, who someday

will probably be bigger than he is!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm In Heavy Like!

Have your ever just loved some inanimate object? I now can say that about my new Dyson. I love it. Where has it been all of my vacuuming life? My mother had given me her old vacuum years before I left KC. I'm grateful, it is hard to pick dog hair up off of the carpet by hand. Thank you mother. I diligently used it weekly and it has broken almost as many times. My Frugal husband would send away for new parts and proudly present me with a "good as new," vacuum. I smiled for a few years of this and then began to get a little upset. By now I would think that a new vacuum would be in order. Low and behold we have now accumulated enough points on our American Express (your welcome Richard, glad to help out), to get a new vacuum. We chose the ANIMAL by Dyson and boy what a sucker! I vacuumed one day with my old one and then the next with my new best friend and got a whole tube of dirt. There are actually lines in my carpet. Nothing is prettier than that except a new mowed lawn of course. So hats off to whoever has the smarts to make my life wonderful!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


We did so many things in Utah. From the Kangaroo Zoo to McDonald's to the national park, to the city park.
Meal time is so much fun. Where are the dogs when you need them? Score one argument for Taryn!
My baby is eight and has been baptized. My how the time has flown. She is such a great example to all of the other children.

He is so adorable but is going to be a big bruiser.......................................His voice is already deep.

Blake, where are the babies? Did you leave home without them?
I don't think she has ever taken a bad picture.

Jag, hey where did everyone go? I thought I was supposed to take my shoes off!

Hey, I didn't know Ryan was there!!!!!

You may ask, where in the world is Verlinda, and I would answer, "I'm not sure!" And that is as close to truth as I can get. It has been over three weeks since I have blogged and I realize that I really miss it. I have spent the better part of the evening reading everyone's blogs and loving to see the pictures. (Yes Jacqui, I do love blogs with pictures better.)

So many things have happened and I am literally seeing my life pass before my face. Does time seem to fly for anyone else?

We just got back from Utah on Saturday evening, and on Saturday evening, my darling little nephew, Ethan, from Houston, arrived. We spent a great Sabbath with him and hung out at Jonathan's new house for the better part of the afternoon. We sent him on his way this morning, well fed, and with hugs and kisses. He has really grown up and I know he was just born a few years ago.

We had a wonderful time in Utah being able to be part of Taryn's baptism. I can close my eyes and see Jerianne's baptism still in my mind. Taryn was so sweet and so excited. We had a picnic the night before, baptism, then Shea's recital. (A star is born!) The next morning we went to church where they sustained Taryn, and then she gave a talk in Primary. From there we went to Creed's blessing, and had a wonderful time. Laurie is so much fun, open, and welcoming and so the blessing and luncheon were great. It was especially wonderful because all of our family was there, except Mamaw and Papaw. The circle was filled with amazing examples of honorable men and I know Creed will turn out just as well. My brother and his family came and I am so grateful. I really love them all and appreciate their efforts to support our family. There is no one or nothing more important than family. From there we all went to Mike and Debbie's house for a couple of days. They were so accomodating and we had a blast. Of course, has anyone ever been around them when it wasn't just that way?

Yes, I am the one who spewed!!!!!! root beer all over their beautiful house. Leave it to beaver!
And to think I was worried about the kids...................................We played games, enjoyed the yard, laughed, laughed, and laughed some more. My brother really does have a gift.

Back to SLC and dinosaur museums, shopping, eating, games, and good times. Thanks Jerianne for being such a good sport and to Janae and Jacqui for making the sacrifice to come.

Iwas AWOL, but now I am found! :) :) :)