News from Nonna: September 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On and On

I haven't blogged in awhile, just so busy with the every day things that are happening here. Last
week, Richard and I went to the cannery, (wet pack) here in Denver. I have been many times, but this time, about 15 of us mixed, stirred, heated, poured, canned, labeled, boxed, 5,000 cans of Tomato Soup, for the humanitarian efforts. It was really a lot of fun, but I will wait a few months to have tomato soup again. We have been working on the playhouse still, going to church, giving lessons, doing vting, cleaning house, exploring with Jacqui and the list goes on and on. We are waiting on Jenny and Paul to drive by on their way to Idaho, and start our first night as ordinance workers in the temple on Friday. I teach RS on Sunday and so I continue to study. Anyway, just to let you know why my blog has suffered. But I still love reading everyone elses.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I Do Have Friends

I have been in Denver now for 3 years. Can you believe that? So fast and so long all at the same time. I hated leaving my friends in Kansas City and still do, but the Lord has blessed me with some good friends here as well. I am part of a monthly book club that I love. There are about 18 of us and we read, share views, and eat lunch. Can't get better than that. This month we read "The Magic of Ordinary Days" and I loved it. One of the group found the Hallmark movie and soooooooo. LUNCH AT VERLINDA'S! Joan is Maldia's sister, Rhonda was the Stake RS president that I served with, and Cathy is a new friend from the ward. She is at least ten years younger than I am but has decided there must be something worthwhile in this old relic. We have the best time and laugh and laugh and laugh. This particular day we even had spitting out our water over a funny remark. So here is some of my new tender mercies.

Best Tio in the World

Jonathan has always wanted to be a good Tio and I think he may be reaching gigantic proportions. Whenever his "kids" come to town, he takes them swimming, plays games, wrestles, and is just all around a favorite person. He has always had a kind heart and that is more plain every day. With his job he ran into this old playhouse. He asked to take it to his home for his nieces. So for the past several weeks we have been cleaning, painting, and trying to remodel this awesome playhouse. The Conroys will be here in October and we can't wait. Jonathan and his dad have made a tire swing and he is hoping to put in a zip line! He is the next Uncle Dorin. He figures he will go from Tio to Legend. Reminds me of another King! (Uncle Mike)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gotta Love Denver!

As we were walking downtown, right front and center a picture of NOBAMA! What can you expect from the convention site I guess.........................

This was awesome. People on the street playing chess. This man is waiting for a partner. Sixteen Street doesn't have any cars!

Walking downton and seeing all of the wonderful architecture. There are some really pretty buildings in Denver.

Shopping everywhere.

Now this reminded me of KC. Cows painted along the street. The Dixie Chicks!

Beautiful fountains and sculptures.

I'm not exactly sure but I think this is the capital. They say that the thirteenth step is exactly one mile above sea level. Thus the Mile High City..

There were beautiful flowers all over this downtown area.

Posing. Looks like they are having fun, huh?

Peace brother.

Beautiful building again.

Jacqui sporting an attitude. Actually, remember when she was a little girl and whenever she ate anything with red food coloring, her ears got beet red and started to put off heat? Well the sun does the same thing to her, thus the improvised hat. Cute!

Trying on hats. The next top super model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See the architecture?

Almost done.

On Labor Day we decided to do something fun,(yes, Richard and Verlinda had the idea :) and spontaneous. We had heard about the Taste of Denver and decided to see what was there. Just let me tell you, that if the people we saw were a cross section of the United States, we are in major trouble!!!!!!!! Jonathan even told me at one time not to look around because there was a Latino Bandito (mafia in Tijuana) right behind me and he wouldn't hesitate to cut off my fingers. Then he happened to mention how one of those men dragged him into an alley in TJ...........Better that he told me now.

It was however a lot of fun. Three different stages with music playing. I think Herman and the Hermits had even been there. Dejavu..............We heard Bob Marley music, country, and Janis Joplin all in the same day.

Lots of food to be tasted but expensive. Lots of booths selling things and you know how I love looking at things. I think Jacqui got disgusted with me. I am a major "lookey loo," and love just seeing. No Richard, I didn't buy anything!

Then we walked down the Sixteenth Street Mall. Actually Denver's Downtown or LODO, is one of the best I have ever seen. There are blocks and blocks of great shopping and no cars allowed. I mean even TJ Maxx is down there. How much better can it get.

We ended up eating at ESPN. Jonathan's favorite place. All kinds of games going on, on big screens everywhere. We returned home and played Settlers of Catan. That was one of the things that Jaimie, Jacqui, and I are addicted to. Love family traditions. Thanks everyone for a great day.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've Been What?

Yes, folks, I have been nominated for a blog award!!!!!!!!!! Imagine that. Of course, Caryn Beck, happens to be a favorite of mine from Janae's long list of friends. Anyway, I will be honored to pass on this award. Thank you so much Caryn, I can find joy in the littlest of things. You made my day.

I would like to nominate a few blogs and here I go. I guess that you put the logo on your blog, and then pass it on to 7 other blogs that you think are deserving and why. At the end you must write an acceptance speech and thank everyone and their mother for your nomination.

1. The first blog that I would nominate is my daughter, Jerianne. After all she is the one that got me hooked on blogging and kept encouraging me that I could do it. She has always been that way, encouraging and teaching an old dog who is trying to learn new tricks. She has listened to me endlessly on the phone, as I lament, cry, and beg for her to help. She is patient and kind, and always willing to do whatever I ask. This allows me to stay in touch with her and my grandchildren whom I adore. I can't forget Kelly! She is so smart and has such interesting entries, and has to her credit, started a family cookbook website. So Jerianne, this award is for you. Love You! You can find her at Beautiful Life.

2. My second nominee would go to Emily Scharman. Her blog is called "Concrete Sequential" She is the wife of one of my favorite nephews, Clark. She is a professional blogger for sure. She always has such interesting entries and has such a way of wording things that my mother will even go to her blog just to see what she has to say. Her children will be forever grateful, because her blog is truly a journal. She is not afraid to share her real feelings and I feel like I learn from her. Great job Emily!

3. My third nominee is Sariah Spradling. Her blog is and
she has an amazingly professional looking blog. Her husband is a young man who was our neighbor when he and Jonathan were young. I have had the pleasure of watching him grow up into a fine man and he has a wonderful family. I just really enjoy her blog and she has given me some hints about blogging with her layout sites. I love your blog, Sariah. Thank you for keeping us connected.

4. My fourth nomination would go to Megan Keck. You can find her blog at entitled , "In Between Days." She is one of my nieces and yes, she is another one of those talented Scharmans. She has some darling kids and I love to read her blog. She is so honest and upfront with some of her hilarious stories that it brings back many a memory of raising my own children. Keep them coming Megan. Any girl who can lay sod in Texas, deserves more than a blog award!

5. Janae Burkinshaw is my next nominee. Yes, she is my daughter and I love her, but I love reading her blog as well. You can find her at I am very grateful that she keeps her blog up because it again allows me to keep track of her and her wonderful children. It's hard when you don't live by your children. I can make sure that she is still standing and that my kids are well and strong. I love the pictures and her sharing her daily life with me. Thanks Janae, I love you. Besides, she gives me ideas for my house.:)

6. Jacqui Baer would be my next nominee. Yes, she is my other daughter. I am no dumb mom! :) I couldn't wait for her to update her blog when she was in Arizona. Now she lives here in Denver and things are even better. I get to see her live out her blog and there is nothing like it! And yes Jacqui, blogs are more fun with pictures. I am trying. You can see her blog at The Baers.

7. Last but not least, would be Liz Rosenbaum. She has such an amazing skill and talent with all that is involved in a blog. She is my cousin's daughter-in-law. She helped me through the scrapbooking phase and now gives me new ideas. She is a talented photographer and you can see her skill on her page. You can check out her blog at Life Is Simply Rosey.

So to all of you bloggers I say, "Way to go." I love blogging and it gives me a chance to keep a journal, which I have never before been able to do. I can't wait to make it into a book and hopefully some day, my children or grandchildren will see that I tried to do my best. For me there is , Magic In Ordinary Days.