News from Nonna: May 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hodge Podge

Jonathan's neighborhood. He lives in Cherry Hills, Colorado!!!!!!!!!!
Jaimie and Creed out in front of their house.

View from Jonathan and Jaimie's front yard.

Texie and Scott's house being built across the street. There are 8 garages!

13 fireplaces, infinity pool, pool house, well you just have to see it to believe it. I can't wait to be invited to supper!

The view from the back of the house.

Front of the house.

Well, just a few things happening here. Yesterday I made homemade chicken and noodles because Jenny and Clark and his girls were traveling through on their way to Connecticut. I was thinking and called them and told them if they were coming just to see us, I appreciated the thought, but I think we were out of their way. They are so nice. But did decide to stay on I-80 and go on through. So lots of noodles.

Jonathan called and said Jaimie had Mastitis (sp) and so we picked up her medicine and took the noodles to their house. They have the most amazing view I think in the whole of Denver. They live across the street from Texie's new house and it is incredible. Horses right by their yard, all kinds of trees, rabbits, hawks, birds, sound of running water, and no traffic. We went on a walk and Creed fell asleep in the stroller to the bumpiest ride. (Side note. Remember my folks were 18 when I came. I guess when I was "Fussy", that one time :) they would put me in the car and back in and out of the drive. Guess it worked. Also, I was allergic to milk and they didn't have formula in "those" days. I was having a hard time and they finally found a little old country doctor to help. He told them to put some purple stuff in my bottle, and cut the end of the nipple off because it curdled the milk. I basically drank cottage cheese. No wonder I have issues! My grandmother would tell me that I threw up on her all the time and ruined her clothes because it stained purple all over.) Anyway, So we played Wii and I got to spoil Creed! He is starting to recognize my voice and I bathed him yesterday, we went out and sat in the swing and I made him laugh. He is not any more special than my other grandchildren, but I get to see him a lot and it is wonderful.

I just got back from visiting teaching a little sister who is in her 80's and is crippled with arthritis. I so enjoy visiting with her and she always teaches me so much. Today among the many things that I came away with was this ah-ha moment for me. "Low self esteem is a form of pride!" I am thinking on this alot right now and I need to go back and read President Benson's talk on pride. I refuse, because of my weight, to see myself as my Heavenly Father sees me and that just may be a big form of PRIDE. I will let you know after I ponder on this for awhile. I do not consider myself a prideful person in any way and yet I believe that I must be....................

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Help! I'm Forming An Addiction!

Like nobody knows that I am addicted to food, but this is on another level.:) Richard and I went to a genealogy class last week and now I can hardly get off of the computer. By the way, I am now in my "office," with my own computer. I got Richard's old one and feel pretty darned special. I have my own mouse pad and everything.

So this class is being done in 27 temple districts and they have been working on it for years. They are trying to consolidate records and get all of the entries on a particular person in one folder. You can print off a name and take it to the temple yourself! I was the first person in my family to try my hand at this and then turned it over to my Dad who has done a bang up job. Anyway, we have been stuck on so many of our lines and never could get anyone "across the water." Lo and behold, after going back on some of my lines and with all of the effort of this new program, I now know that the Messick line goes to France! The Malone's go to Cork County in Ireland, and the Upchurches are from Debham, England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in awe of the plan that Heavenly Father has. The computer has revolutionized tying your family together. He has done His part and so now I am trying to do mine. I love taking our own family names to the temple. So Tally-ho, Top of the Morning To Ya, and Merci..........

Sunday, May 11, 2008


FORECAST FOR DENVER THIS WEEK................................................TATATADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kick Me Into High Gear!

It has been so long since I have updated my blog! I know! I am sitting here wondering just where to start and it is difficult to know. So much has happened good and wonderful and difficult and life changing. Since the first of April I have traveled in the car over 4,000 miles! No wonder I have such a big behind! I went down to Arizona to drive to Colorado with Jacqui so that she didn't have to do it alone. That was fun except she is a little car Nazi! She wouldn't let me eat or drink anything in the car and I was afraid to touch anything. What do you think kids will do to her lifestyle? Then came the wedding and it turned out so well and Jacqui looked amazingly happy. (I will do a whole blog on that later.) Then I decided to ride to Utah with Jerianne so that she didn't have to drive alone with three kids. I think it was a good thing she had me, of course, she could have done it by herself knowing her, but I do think I helped. I got into her drive way and went in to go to the bathroom and came back out and got into the car to head back to Denver. My grandmother had fallen in KC and she was in critical condition and so I NEEDED to be with her for my sake. We drove back to Denver, Richard and I, and slept for a few hours, got back in the car and went to KC. I missed seeing my Grandmother for the last time by 20 minutes. I don't think I will ever live over that. (I will write a whole blog on this.) So we helped get everything ready to take my grandmother home. That would be Oklahoma and back to where her whole family is. So in the car again, Mountain Park, and then back to Kansas City and then back to Denver. I have to have an awfully good reason to get back in that car. It now has l40,000 miles on it and I asked Richard what that thumping sounds was. I guess the tires are bad. No problem Richard, I'll just increase my prayers to every few seconds. At least you know why my blogging has suffered.