News from Nonna: January 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008


Here I sit in the Liberty Tax Office in Pocatello, Idaho....................It was a high of 22* today and the wind has been blowing like the end of the world. I have tried to be a help to Richard, but remember I can only count to 20, fingers and toes, and the rest of math problems make me sick at my stomach. So I am here pretty much to keep Richard company and to be his hospitality hostess! I greet people with a smile, in an accent they don't understand, ask them if they'd like something to drink, get them started on paperwork if we are busy.........Business comes in spurts, busy, not busy, etc. So glad I brought a book to read. Plus, Richard never thinks about eating so at 7 PM tonight I reminded him that I had had popcorn (thank heavens there was some in the back room) and a granola bar left over from my purse. I don't think he or I even have had a drink of water. When we finally walked across the street and got something to eat I reminded him that I was sure this plan was not from the "Biggest Loser," reality show. Of course, he will lose but that won't happen to me.

Then the only other option I have is to go "Home!" Meaning our basement apartment. Oh my word, I am so glad my mother can't see this with her own eyes. I am trying not to believe it myself. I am just floored, speaking of flooring or lack of it..........I know that the furniture is from our old home in Liberal. When you see the pictures you will see the chair that looks just like our old couches! Vinyl chairs, linoleum, pipiing that goes over the whole ceiling of the apartment. I am terrified to know exactly where or what is in those pipes. I am really terrified to go home because I need to take a shower. Wait until you see the pictures of our "shower." When the wind is blowing, as we speak, the windows and walls kind of suck in and out. I know there are a few pieces that I need to call Antiques Roadshow about. I am not cooking in that kitchen, I only go to the bathroom out of necessity!

So to my children who feel compassion for their "father," only, I am trying to do my best and feel like a darned good sport just to have been here one day! I am not that much help and I am not whining Kelly! What happened to compassion for me all of these years? Oh yea, I get that from my Mother, bless her soul. Thanks Mom for worrying about me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back to Normal..............What's Normal?

Janae looking for the magnet that Jag swallowed! After calling Dr. Dave and Nurse Jacqui, we decided to patiently await the outcome.................................Bingo after three days! Normal?
Jag preferring to sleep with the dogs in the doggie bed. Normal?

Four dogs in my house for Christmas besides all the people............................Normal?

Sisterly affection from Jaimie Ralphs Jardines point of view................Normal?
Four dogs and four children, shopping carts, strollers and poopie bags..................Normal?
Eating nothing but chocolate at an early and young and middle and old age. Yes, Normal! We inadvertently found a package of cigarettes that must have fallen out of Uncle Gary's pocket lost in the cushions of the divan! I swear! Of course, the girls couldn't resist making the most of a spontaneous situation. Aren't we a class act, normal..........................yes!
Tio feeding Brogan messy, sloppy, orange, running food.......................Normal........................NOOOOOO!

Well, I have finally finished cleaning my house after the chaos of the holidays, I don't think those two words go together, but I have no other description. It has been a full week and just yesterday I found the home phone in Richard's closet hidden on a shelf. I have mopped floors, cleaned bathrooms. done laundry, moved furniture, tried to clean the carpets, and ended up going through drawers and throwing, throwing, throwing things away. ( I can only do this when Richard is gone because he still has clothes from his mission he is sure he will need someday!) So, I finally feel like all is back to normal?

Jacqui flew in last night and I love having her here. Dave is in town also and so they are looking for his wedding ring, registering, trying to figure out where to have this shindig, finding a other words all of the things that have caused my sagging skin and dementia! How do people with more than four children survive? But, I wouldn't trade a one. So I am going to enjoy her company for a few days and then I will be on my way to Idaho to help Richard with the tax business (albatrose, stone around our necks, weight, mental anguish, emotional trauma just to name a few :) Sooooooooo, that brings me back to the heading of this blog. What is Normal? I don't know!

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

I had the opportunity to help my friend Maura with a little welcome home for her son who had just gotten home from serving in Iraq in the Marine Corps. He was in a very dangerous place and felt that what he was doing was very necessary. I think he became close to some of the villagers and sees a need for us to be there. Anyway, we talk about how much we love America, and know that we have strong feelings, but I was so overwhelmed with patriotism when he came home it was tangible. He did not know it but when they brought him home from the airport, friends and neighbors had lined the street holding American Flags and we had music playing loudly. There were people who had put up signs in their yards, and were flying flags on their houses. The little scouts were saluting, people were clapping, and of course, I was crying. I can't even imagine what it is like to have someone in harms way, but I can say that I am grateful for each and everyone of them and pray for them daily. God Bless America!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


We are so excited, grateful, happy, blessed and just plain overjoyed to add out newest son to our family. David Russell Baer is wonderful and we couldn't be more excited. He is cute, so much fun, loving, spiritual, family oriented, smart as the dickens, and I think he even likes us. How much better could it get? He comes from a wonderful family and they even reside in Denver. I am holding my breath...............He is an oral surgeon right now and is deciding whether or not to continue on to being a Maxial Facial Surgeon. Maybe there will be hope for me! He is at Ohio State right now in an internship and deciding what to do next. All I know is that I can feel Jacqui getting a little closer to me in geography. I am keeping my fingers crossed. We love you Dave.........................

Jacqui had met him about a year and a half ago, because of Jonathan. Long distance dating is rough and frustrating and so they have been friends off and on and now it is eternally on. They got engaged in New York City in December and plan to be married in the Denver Temple in April. I think he has a week off! We are so blessed and grateful to the Lord for His kindness. We will keep you posted!

One Step, One Blessing At A Time

Tio taking the little girls swimming over and over again. He is their favorite!
Going on a secret spy mission! Taryn sure looks the part. A covert escape to Baskin Robbins and Pink Bubblegum! Yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy............................................!

After an afternoon at the acquarium, two succumb to sleep and Shea is on her way!
Kelly's predictions of what will happen as the Jardine's reunite once again. It seems to me that he knows us a little too well. Who won the whining contest Kelly?
We are a gaming family. Everything from Secret Queens, to Settlers of Catan, to the Great Dalmuti, to Progressive Rummy, Mexican Train, Hearts, Spades you name it we play it!
Kelly's masterpiece. It was the best turkey and he got the recipe from watching the scientific guy cooking show. He now has a permanent job at family functions. That's what you get when you shine!!!!!!

Jaimie was brave and took on one whole evenings supper by herself. I must say she did an outstanding job with a snowman cake to top off the meal. Another person shining and retaining a position at the next get together!

My parents have bought me a Christmas Bear ever since 1987! I have a whole family of them and they hold a place of honor in my home for the holidays. I kiss them when I "put them to sleep" and this year my little girls "kissed them to sleep" for me.
Papaw and his little men, he will be getting one more in March. The Malone line carries on!

There are so many things that have happened that to think about them in one blog is overwhelming and so I am going to take this nice and easy and one entry at a time. ( Including pictures, I hope!)

It seemed like it was just September and now it is 2008 and my theory is that time is moving at warp speed. I worked so long to get ready for Christmas and now it has come and gone. But my heart is full of wonderful memories and it was worth every second. I love the fact that all of my children come home all at the same time. I am a Nazi about spouses marrying into the family on a schedule. Thanks to all the other in-laws. I don't think there is anything more important than us all being together. Thank you to my girls for staying extra time. I think everyone was here from the 19th thru the 6th of January. We had a blast. I will hit some of the highlights..............

Of course, Christmas and our family home evening, with Taryn providing some of our Christmas music. Making bags for all of the inactives in our ward with the little girls help. Santa leaving sleigh tracks in the snow and a few bells that had fallen off of the reindeer. Leaving cookies and milk out for Santa and thank you notes. Everyone's thought and hard work going into our presents. THE FACT THAT MY PARENTS DROVE OUT TO BE WITH US, MY FAVORITE PRESENT. My parents can't breathe very well here but they still make the sacrifice. Thank you! FOUR DOGS.........................enough said! Jag liking the dogs bed as much as the dogs. Not to mention a little dog bite that he took as a warning. Children, beautiful grandchildren with lots of loves, hugs, kisses, tickles, laughter, and cousin bonding. I am so grateful for that alone, I think it is so important.

SNOW FOR JANAE ON CHRISTMAS, and many other days as well. We had more snow on Christmas day in Denver than in 100 years! Sledding especially for the well seasoned Arizona kids. Tio taking them swimming time and again. He is the best. Bonding with Aunt Jaimie, which I might add she did remarkablely well. During the midst of all this bonding, we had a baby shower for Jaimie and (as of now and Creed). This group can be a little over whelming. Kelly making the turkey which was the best one I have ever eaten. Only two fires in the kitchen this year, yea! Kids thinking my closet was the best place to play, although I have a playroom downstairs full of toys. I am just now finding the matches to my shoes. A trip back to the acquarium, which is our favorite, with feeding the stingrays. Settler of Catan over and over and the competition getting tough. Sleeping Queens, more food, NCIS marathon, and playing with Jonathan and Jaimie's WII. Secret spy mission to Baskin and Robbins to get Nae Nae some Pink Bubbledgum! Back rubs, foot rubs, tickles, and more mess than I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!! I have set aside two weeks to try to get my house back in order and I mean from the ceiling to the floors. I guess a good time doesn't come without a price. Can someone tell me how the laundry room got so dirty?

I wouldn't trade a minute for all the money in the world. I will always keep my memories close to my heart. Thank you each and everyone and I love you all......

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Always Help From Nanner!

Just for this moment you need to be patient while Jerianne, lovingly and painstakingly, and kindly, and smartly tries to help me learn about putting pictures on my blog. We had an amazing Christmas so stay tuned. You might also pray for my ability to comprehend!