News from Nonna: August 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Help HGTV.................

This is the shelf, however it is upside down :) Shhhhhhh!
I changed the mat and put ribbon around the picture to make it "match" a little bit more. We had a family home evening in 1992 and talked about the lost sheep and the shepherd. We all signed it and it is a treasure. Grandma Jardine happened to be with us then, so all of the signatures remain......

This is the wall that I need to put something on. Either Jacqui's shelf or a black and gold mirror that I am getting from Janae, what do you think?

My dresser. I love these pictures. Mom, can you see the cologne that you bought me? I love it more than any other perfume I have had. It is called, "Insolence," which I am not sure is wonderful but you should smell it! It is by Guerlain.

Is the piece above my bed too small? So many decisions.

The chairs that my Grandmother and Granddaddy have rocked many a child in. They are a treasure to me and sometimes I just sit in them and reminisce. I miss them so.

The picture on the table is of my folks when they were a little younger. What a studly pair!

I was out with Jacqui yesterday and we happened upon a sidewalk sale at a mall here in Denver. For those of you who know me I am a "looky loo," which means I could look at little stores for hours and never tire. Well, we happened upon this stand that sold OLD things. Jacqui found a tin mantle piece that was framed by distressed wood. She had the money to buy it! We brought it home and put it in my bedroom and she is going to have to fight me to get it out. I sent her back and asked if they would bring more with them in September. Keeping my fingers crossed. Why enter this in my blog? Because I have redecorated my bedroom and something is still not exactly right. I have watched HGTV design shows until my eyes are dry and I am still a little unsettled. Alright, so I did surround myself in MILK CHOCOLATE........Creamy, warm, flowing milk choc0late :) I actually bought my bedding first which is just like Jacqui's and Jaimie's. So I at least know that I am in with good bedding. Then according to my brother, I needed to make sure my oak furniture stood out and thus a darker color on the walls. Next I chose dark drapes, but they are see through and floaty.:) I didn't want to detract from the furniture and thus my dilemma. If you want to sleep, this is the room. Some people might think it is too dark. So in an effort to correct this, I am keeping Jacqui's beige shelf and hope it will complete the room. No one tell Jacqui. This is our little secret...........If you have any further suggestions, don't hesitate to tell me. I am teachable!!!!!!! I love working in my house. It reminds me of my grandmother Upchurch. We used to move her furniture around every week! No kidding....... And I learned about putting furniture "kitty kornered," nothing flat against a wall. She also had an alterior motive with the furniture moving. When Uncle Gary came in too late he would be a little confused in his "state," and inevitably trip. That way she could know when he came home. AHHHHH the memories. I love them.