News from Nonna: September 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ghost Writer

Since Verlinda is unable to stay in town long enough to blog, a ghost writer has mysteriously appeared in her place. Just having returned to town from yet another trip to Idaho for a funeral of her Uncle, she has now run off again. This time she is headed off to Disney World. While it has been rumored that there is some kind of a relationship with the fellow with big ears, I can confirm that that is not the case. While it may not be the "big ears", she has been seen with a couple of others who frequent that playground for kids. While the investigation is ongoing, odds today favor the guy in blue. For those who read this blog, (it is thought to be all of three people) please stay tuned as it is possible that she will return and once again take her place as the editor of this blog of blogs.

So Long

Saturday, September 22, 2007

There Is Beauty All Around

Richard and I got to go up into the mountains the other afternoon and it was beautiful. Every once in awhile, we spin off and do something spontaneous. I know it is hard to believe of the two of us but..................The Aspens are beginning to turn and it was breath taking. It probably won't be quite the same in a photo, but it was a great adventure. We have decided that we are going to return and take the train ride and go into the silvermine next year. The air was wonderful, my favorite time of year.
I have finished reading TWILIGHT, by Stephanie Meyers, and it was spellbinding! I read almost 700 pages in 8 hours. I am on to the sequels as we leave tomorrow to go back to Idaho Falls. Uncle Joe has passed away and the only reason I am relieved is because he was suffering so. I have a real testimony about the absolute difference in the spirit and the body. I am so grateful that I know that there is life after death and the only sad ones are those left behind. What a great blessing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well, I am finally back from the "cool" Arizona heat and into the full swing of Autumn which is my favorite time of year. We are sleeping with our windows open and the air conditioner is a thing of the past. I love the smell of the air and the cool breezes on your face and the incredible beauty that is starting to unfold all over. Each leaf that turns a new color is like a reborn flower and I love it. I have put up my Fall and Halloween decorations and have decided that I will have a Halloween Party this year! I want to live! (I think that is from some movie but who knows.)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"I Have My Things About Me!"

I feel just like Maureen O'Hare in the Quiet Man, one of my favorite movies, who tells her husband she just has to have her "things" about her. I was so happy to get home and be around my things that it was goofy. What a ride I have had this last month. I was so grateful to be able to see everyone. I think I about covered the whole family except for going to Houston and that will have to wait. Sorry Sadie! All in all, it was wonderful to see everyone and we worked like turks in Phoenix to help Janae and Jacqui get their new houses up and running. I really am grateful that Richard is such a handy man and I'm no slacker! I guess you can see some pictures on Jacqui's blog and then I am putting more pictures on my blog tomorrow, after I talk to Jerianne on the phone for an hour as she takes me step by step through this process until I get it in my technically challenged brain. I gave most of my smarts to Jerianne, so be thankful and just realize you are my right hand!

I guess one funny story that I haven't shared is on my plane ride to KC. (Jacqui told me that my last blog wasn't happy, but hey Jacqui, sometimes life is hard!) There were a couple of rowdy men in the airport waiting to get on my flight. Of course, I thought to myself these would be my seat companions because that is just my luck. You could tell that they were not feeling any pain if you know what I mean, and so I waited. SURE ENOUGH, I walk right to their seats and find myself surrounded by these fine gentlemen. They were coming from their first visit to SLC and were very vocal about how much they hated it and those Mormons were the worst. No alcohol without buying dinner etc. and they said that I was the first one that had smiled at them since they had gone to SLC. Well we talked about their visit and their reason for being there, boxing match of one of their friends who got knocked out but won $10,000 just for fighting, and how bad the Mormons were. Okay so here was my dilemma, they were kind of funny, and you know that I need a laugh where I can get one. They would say something and then literally poke me in the side to see if I was following. They seemed to take a quick liking to me and wanted me to laugh right along with them. Sometimes I had to cover my mouth while the whole rest of the plane was clearly annoyed. They wanted to buy me a drink so I said yes, and ordered a diet Sprite. (I've always been a cheap date!) Guilty by association, I always tried to tell my children! They were good old farm guys from Topeka and I didn't have a pass along card! I debated and debated in my head whether to tell them that they had just spent an entire and somewhat enjoyable time sitting next to a Mormon, but decided against it for two reason. First, I felt that I needed to go home and repent for laughing at some of their comments and secondly, I doubt they remember anything from the flight. So, I am putting pass alongs in my purse and working on my sense of humor! :) (After repenting!) Until tomorrow, I kind of like this blogging.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Where Is My Home?

Well I have not been home since the 21st of August and am sure that they have fired me from my calling in the church! I think I have been working on that my whole church life, just kidding. I am trying to be funny and witty like Jerianne.

I went to Kansas City to see my grandmother, who is not doing well, to staying with my parents and seeing old friends. I also happened to have been in KC for the 50th anniversary of the church in the area. Saw a lot of people from my past and talk about deja vu! Then it was a flight into Denver and a flight out of Denver to SLC where we stayed with Jerianne and her family for about a week. Then we went on to Idaho, Richard's mother had fallen and we ended up with her in the hospital overnight. We celebrated Chrissy's birthday, it was a surprise, and visited with Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathleen. (I am sure Uncle Joe is not going to be here much longer...) We are back in SLC with Jerianne and will leave in the morning to go to Phoenix. Janae is moving and wanting our help and we get to paint Jacqui's living, kitchen, and bathroom while we are there. Besides, Janae put the guilt trip on us allowing as how we had four kids and not two, and I reminded her that she moved to Arizona and so it goes. So you can see why I am a little confused about where to call home.

I guess that the biggest lesson that I have learned to this point is be grateful for each day of your life and treasure your youth, whether you are 6 or 60! I have seen and been around so much sadness with family who are aging and it is heartbreaking. Those that I have looked up to and been influenced by my whole life now are looking to me for comfort, and solace and I feel out of place and homeless again as my heart breaks but I continue to need to be strong. Because in all reality, they are still teaching me. I hope to be able to do the same.
I am actually grateful that Richard is "SELF-EMPLOYED," right now. We are officially over the road drivers and up to 127,000 miles on our Honda. If he was tied down we wouldn't be able to do all of this traveling. Here are some pictures of our drive through the mountains that are right behind Jerianne's house. Honestly, right behind.

Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm a Blogger?!

Okay, I'm taking the dive and entering a world unknown to me. I am going to become a "blogger." This means that you will all be blessed with my insights on the world and you will get the opportunity to hear all about the exciting life of a young, technically-challenged emptynester - ha-ha :-)

Stay tuned. The excitement awaits!